ACT ONE Scene 1: Bench outside in a park

from by VoA VoXyD - Melissa Ferlaak



Madeleine is sent home from the convent due to mental instability, as a few times before.
Madeleine is walking through a park in her nuns habit, sees a bench with a priest and decides to sit down next to him, Father Louis Gaufridy. They talk about God. He is a priest that performs exorcisms, but that he failed in the past and is questioning God, questioning his life, and questioning his worth. He also talks about the internal struggles of the church…the priests (secular clergy) and the monastery (religious institution). Mentions Michaelis among the chief agent against the priests. They then talk about life, sexuality, and Madeleine and he find a mutual affection/love/lust for each other.
Curtain down, Narrator down stage of the curtain, center stage, single spot on Narrator.


from Demandolx - The first Nihilist Opera, released June 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Demandolx - The first Nihilist Opera Minneapolis, Minnesota

An opera by VoA Voxyd (AD INFERNA, SOLLERTIA) and Melissa Ferlaak (PLAGUE OF STARS, ex-AESMA DAEVA, ex-VISIONS OF ATLANTIS). All music composed by VoA Voxyd. Libretto and vocal lines composed by Melissa Ferlaak.

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