Scene 12: Michaelis private chambers

from by VoA VoXyD - Melissa Ferlaak

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Michaelis is conflicted. The evidence is there, but not the past. They found no magic books, nothing but his innocence. But he decides that his own words uttered “if I were a witch…” and the sneaky ways the devil works, hiding evidence, etc decides this is a testament to his guilt, the final galvanizing nail in the coffin that is Gaufridy’s finality of life on Earth. He speaks of further testaments to his guilt that were spoken by Louise and Madeleine, all points toward one person that brought Hell upon them: Gaufridy. But what of the lack of evidence in his parish? Surely there would be at least books.
Madeleine appears. She attempts to seduces Michaelis…it is clear to the audience that she is in fact Satan…she convinces Michaelis that he could become of a higher standing in the Vatican, a true leader, perhaps even Pope someday if he makes this a public spectacle, one to show the Church that Satan is alive and that Michaelis can eradicate him (lies). Michaelis states he has no solid proof. Madeleine asks that he be devoted to her (Satan) and she will give him proof. He submits. She pulls out from her pocket, the manufactured pact with the devil with Gaufridy’s name signed.
Duet by Madeleine and Michaelis. Torture will give them the confession, and his name, Michaelis, will once again be spoken by people all over the world…it would be his claim to fame (Michaelis had last conducted exorcisms 30 years prior). He would make it public, for all to see, for all to fear him and fear God. He would garner favor from the Vatican, advance his position in the church and once and for all, show that the secular clergy (priests) are easy targets for the devils work…show them truly that their way is not the right way of god. Madeleine leaves, evilly smiling.


from Demandolx - The first Nihilist Opera, released June 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Demandolx - The first Nihilist Opera Minneapolis, Minnesota

An opera by VoA Voxyd (AD INFERNA, SOLLERTIA) and Melissa Ferlaak (PLAGUE OF STARS, ex-AESMA DAEVA, ex-VISIONS OF ATLANTIS). All music composed by VoA Voxyd. Libretto and vocal lines composed by Melissa Ferlaak.

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